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to exterior architectural colors are perhaps the most visible signifier of such revitalization, as the use of color changes as a tool in façade improvement programs.
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Schweiz - Deutsch. United States - English. International - english. Certain formulations will require additional time for weather testing. We have a series of interrelated strategies for minimizing color variation within and between production lots, including:. Darker standard colors Natural, Flax, Graphite, and Grey and certain textures have greater potential for color variance. Note: Because TAKTL is a mineral-based product with subtle color variation and a range of surface textures, exact matches to a color sample are not always possible.

Please contact our Technical Support Team to discuss custom color formulation and sampling. This phenomena is described as additive since the more you mix colored light with other colors, the lighter it becomes. In contrast to additive color, subtractive color mixing combines pigments rather than light. When mixing pigments the more colors that are added the closer the result comes to black.

With our present scientific knowledge there is still debate about the exact process of color perception as color registers in the eyes, the inputs are classified, and transferred to the brain. In very simplified terms the eye works similarly to a camera. Light enters the human eye through the cornea, the outer covering of the eye, the muscles of the iris control how much light is entering the eye through the pupil. The retina is made of the photoreceptor cells called rods and cones.

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Rods allow us to see forms in dim light, but are limited to black and white, while cones work better in brighter lighting and allow us to perceive hues. Humane design places the human being in the center of its concern and purpose.

Therefore, it should show interest in human welfare and dignity. Read the full article by TDM Studio. Steni facades provide colorful fasades with long lifetime warranty and minimal impact - of course!

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March The Cut " The Psychologial cost of boring buildings ". Foto: Steni. Instead of the obvious optical reaction to color, it is in fact a reaction to the energy of the light waves.

Top 10 color as the main element in the architecture

Tests show that even if a person is blindfolded his or her pulse will noticeably increase when exposed to the color red and decrease when exposed to blue or green. TDM Studio article Especially in the last eleven decades, empirical observations and scientific studies have proven that human-environment-reaction in the architectural environment is to a large percentage based on the sensory perception of color. RED Effect: exciting, stimulating Association: Positive: passionate, fervid, active, strong, warm Negative: intense, aggressive, raging, fierce, bloody Character: Red is the most dominant and dynamic color.

Ceiling: stimulating, attention-seeking Walls: warm, luminous Floor: activating, motion-oriented YELLOW Effect: cheering Association: Positive: sunny, cheerful, radiant, vital Negative: egocentric, glaring Character: When pure, yellow is the happiest of all colors. Ceiling: light towards lemon , luminous, stimulating Walls: warm towards orange , exciting to irritating highly saturated Floor: elevating, diverting GREEN Effect: retiring, relaxing Association: Positive: tranquil, refreshing, quiet, natural Negative: common, tiresome, guilty Character: Contrary to red, when looking at green the eye focuses exactly on the retina, which makes green the most restful color to the eye.

Elevation architecture in Photoshop Tutorial

Ceiling: protective, reflection on the skin can be unattractive Walls: cool, secure, calm, reliable, passive, irritating if glaring electric green Floor: natural if not too saturated , soft, relaxing, cold if towards blue BLUE Effect: retiring, relaxing Association: Positive: calm, sober, secure, comfortable, noble Negative: frightening, depressing, melancholy, cold Character: Blue appears to be transparent, wet, cool, and relaxing.

It is generally considered feminine, but depends much on the nuance used bubble-gum pink, or old rose Ceiling: delicate, comforting Walls: aggression-inhibiting, intimate, too sweet if not grayed down Floor: too delicate, not used very often BROWN Effect: subduing Association: Positive: warm, secure, stable Negative: oppressive, heavy Character: There is a great difference between wood and brown paint. Ceiling: oppressive and heavy if dark Walls: secure and assuring if wood, much less so if paint Floor: steady, stable WHITE Effect: disconcerning Association: Positive: clean, crisp, bright Negative: empty, sterile Character: There are a lot of psychological and physiological justifications for not using white as a dominant color.

Ceiling: empty, no design objections-helps diffuse light sources and reduce shadows Walls: neutral to empty, sterile, without energy Floor: touch-inhibiting not to be walked upon GRAY Effect: neutral to calming Association: Positive: neutral Negative: boring Character: Gray fails to have much psychotherapeutic application. Ceiling: shadowy Walls: neutral to boring Floor: neutral BLACK Effect: ominous Association: Positive: deep, abstract Negative: dungeonlike, night, grief, death Character: Black is associated with oppressive power, darkness, and the unknown.

Ceiling: hollow to oppressive Walls: ominous, dungeonlike Floor: odd, abstract Of course the effect of these colors also depends on their position and context, since colors are almost never seen in isolation. Neuropsychological Aspects A part of neuropsychological investigation is to discover how the brain processes and reacts to sensory information coming from the external world and how this affects humans.

Gfrc wall panels for unique facade designs, Rieder Facades, Austria

Photo: Steni Each hue corresponds to a certain range of wavelength of radiant energy, with red having the longest wavelength, and violet having the shortest of the range of electromagnetic waves that we can see. Photo: Steni The light is then focused on the back surface of the eye: the retina.

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